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Dark Angel Stillness

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Dark Angel Stillness

Welcome to Dark Angel Stillness. This is just another icon challenge community. This community focuses on the tv show Dark Angel and it's actors and actresses.

Owner/Created by: americangrl69
Co-Mods: bethyj & darkangel2019
Banner Makers: darkangel2019 & filter_five


1. Submissions cannot be animated!
2. You must be a member to take part in the challenges.
3. Each member is allowed 3 entries.
4. Icons must remain annonymous until the contest is over. That means you can't use your icons or post them anywhere until a winner is announced. If you do you'll be disqualified.
5. Text, Brushes, Textures, etc... are ok.
6. You may blend images as long as it's just between the images provided.
7. No voting for yourself.
8. All entries must meet lj's icon standards. (100x100 pixels or less & 40kb or less.)
9. Comments will be screened.
10. Make sure your submission is hosted on a reliable server. Like photobucket.com


Challenges will start on Tuesday and end Sunday night at 11pm eastern time. Voting will take place Sunday night until Tuesday. Winners will be announced Tuesday and then a new challenge will be posted.